"Yes Big Man, those jeans in your shop are they Evisus? " was a question I was always asked by the kids in W9, swiftly followed by "Why are they so expensive then Cowboy?" and I would reply flippantly "They're big-man jeans".

Back in 2003 we were selling our Pokit x LEE Japan collab. I'd always chuckle to myself, watching them glaze over as I explained the 14oz, left hand twist, red line selvedge, one rinse, Japanese-import raw state denim. Or the design details blah blah... It was too sophisticated for them! We resolved to make modern jeans.

So in 2010 we took our knowledge of tailoring cuts and design and we started Seven Foot Cowboy to make cool contemporary jeans without dumbing down.
Youth wearing Seven Foot Cowboy jeans in a rude boy style