We're obsessed with creating bold future classics, and it's with this mind set that we approach jeans. Seven Foot Cowboy brings a British identity to the jean. Based on style culture, above all it celebrates self-expression.

The jeans are designed with one eye on the past - the spirit of Americana plus the authentic superior quality of Japan's denim - and the other squarely fixed on the future.  We created seven jean styles which reinterpret classic jean cuts and fits.

Design and detailing are used to explore new ideas in jeans, and staying true to jean culture make them look right, as though they have always existed. It's all about putting jeans across differently but getting that crucial blend of old and new right in a way that excites even the most hardcore rugged purists and revivalists. 

It keeps the iconic status, longlasting quality and universal truth of the jean. Ultimately the jean should still be a blank canvas for individual expression that we can all put our stamp on....