7ft Cowboy, 7 jeans 7 characters of the west.  All of our jeans are and were inspired by the characters of the west, the melting pot that made America and the world the place it is today. The oversized, larger than life idea of the old West brought to life.




What is often ignored about the Wild West was that it was an idea more than a place, open to everyone, big country with big expectations and larger than life ideas.




It is this that inspired our flashers - the card advert found on the back pocket which has always been part and parcel of American jeans.




We started with this basic idea: a man taming a dinosaur, the attempt to tame an idea and a belief













It then progressed as the design of the jeans came together, The crazy Horse was one of the first, the rodeo clown, quintessential character of the west, and the hardest, most fearless character in the Rodeo, the only man or woman who taunts the Bull







It is the Cowboy but not as you know it







And the Cowgirl, the hardest cowgirl you’ve ever seen







And finally It is The Cowboy on Pegasus, the Myth and the legend and The Maverick flying on oversized dreams